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Santa Mouse by AutobotSparkyPrime

I remember I actually liked this when I made it. That was like… 2010 I think.

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Day 14: Undies


Sparky doesn’t… wear human undergarments. He likes to wear human clothing but finds it unnecessary to wear underwear. Soooooo if he were to be in his “undies” he wouldn’t be and would instead be “nude” probably. 

Also looks embarrassed out of his processor because he might have adopted that self conscious feeling about the way he looks from the humans and feels extremely vulnerable without anything covering his less protective armour. 

I’m also using male pronouns because they just… fit Sparky better. I mean his voice is kinda deep too so I mean.

Also could I be implying that Sparky is Cybertronian because of all the glowy bits? Maybe—- So what if I am. Cybertronians are cooler. Sparky can be a little one like how Sari is. ‘Cept she’s actually part organic…


Just something I did to practice drawing his helm and then the rest happened because I needed something to do in art class so yeah the shading looks like crap. I am sorry. *crawls back into hole of shame*


Two Braves and a Pumpkin by ~AutobotSparkyPrime

Hey guys I made a thing in class today! :D

Happy Yuushaween! :3

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